Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Tomorrow will be a day that I have not wanted to come.  Not only will it be Bri's last middle school band concert, it will also be her band teachers last band concert.  Mrs. Anne Reese has been a teacher for 34 years and taught a ton of kids in our area, she has worked at both middle schools and the high school.  I know she has had an impact on all these kids, but she has effected our lives like no other teacher.  I'm not sure I can put into words what she means to us.  Anne pulled Bri out of a very dark and scary place in the 6th grade.  She has been wonderful and loving to Bri and has become my friend.  May 24, Anne Reese's official last day, will be a very sad day for CMS and SouthWest music, but it will be a great day for my friend.

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